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D.S. Emancipated Publishing, LLC. is a prolific Book Publisher with a focus on a number of different subject areas.

Have a look at our most popular releases below including Bestselling Gay Romance, Manstress Diaries.

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Darrell C. Scott Jr.

M/M Romantic Suspense

Dive into Khai Allen's diary as he exposes the details of his tragic love affair with a married man.

Khai Allen is struggling with the harsh reality of life as a new Therapist. Working alongside his mother in their Family practice, he quickly learns that you can't save everyone. Plagued with countless sleepless nights and recurring nightmares, Khai turns to a life of meaningless hookups with strangers to cope. It was routine fun and games until his chaotic encounter with Terrence, a former escort and addict turned married man. After unexpectedly falling for him, Khai finds himself resorting to drastic measures to keep their toxic love affair alive. Find out just how far he's willing to go in the private pages of his Manstress Diaries.



 Coming Soon!  Accepting Submissions

The Texas Mental Health Directory (TXMHD) is a peer-reviewed Mental Health Directory geared specifically toward providing a resource for Texans who are looking for Mental Health Services but do not know where to start.

In addition to listing reputable Texas Psychiatrists and Therapists, The TXMHD is proud to celebrate our Texas Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and is always seeking to highlight more PMHNPs' in the area!

If you are a Mental Health Provider, Survivor looking to share your testimony, Writer, or Photographer seeking publication, contact us at: to learn how you can be featured in the Texas Mental Health Directory

*Please Note: Standard TXMHD Provider listings are FREE and available upon request. If you would like a free listing, please complete the form attached with the following information: 

  1. Practice/Provider Name

  2. Address

  3. Appointment Line

  4. Type of Practice

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